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Ever seen a look online and wanted to recreate it but didn't know how or what products to use?

Well now you can with my 1:1 Master class!

I am now offering 1:1 sessions where we will recreate a look of your choice. I will pass on my knowledge, tips and tricks! Along with prepping and product list.

This class will take around 2.5-3 hours and will cost £200.

You are welcome to bring your own model to work on but bare in mind they must have the correct eye shape for your look. Or you can pay for a model which would cost £50 extra.

Masterclasses: Welcome


Advanced Lip Masterclass £700

The Sassy Russian lip master class is a fully accredited 1:1 Russian lip master class. This is an amazing advanced Lip master-class for practitioners with at least 6 months experience injecting. Here you will learn:
My signature Russian I have perfected from attending 7 lip master-classes over the years. 
*how to create flat profile lips
*how to create sharp cupid’s bow
*how to create heart shape lips
*how to deal with M shape lips
*how to take perfect Instagram pictures perfect depth. 

Upon arrival we will have a little chat about your current level and where you would like to go after attending the class. We will go through the manual provided I will explain my technique along with demonstrating placement of the filler. Once the morning is complete we will have lunch (This is provided) after this i will demonstrate with a live model the exact technique. After this it'll be your turn to practice the technique with me by your side every step of the way. When you have successfully finish your model we will go over any Q&A's you may have and then i will award you with a goodie bag and certificate.
If you want to up your lip game this is the class for you! 

Masterclasses: Welcome
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