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Semi Permanent hair stroke brows

Microblading: Services



Micoblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure whereby hair-like strokes are created along the eyebrow to enhance, reshape and create natural looking brows.

This is the perfect procedure that frames your face and really does make a big impact on your facial features. It can give a more youthful appearance as well as an easy morning routine! No more spending hours trying to create that perfect arch.

The procedure does come in 3 part initially:

Consutation- We will discuss your perfect brows and the end result you are after. We will also go through all of the consultation and medical forms to make sure you are a able to have the procedure. Booking fee required 

1st Microbladng session- At your first appointment we will go over your desired look again and then I will spend lots of time creating the perfect brow template with all of my tools. Once we have agreed the shape is perfect for you, I will then proceed to pop the topical numbing cream on for around 20 mins to get that area nice and numb. while the numbing cream is on we will decided on the pigment colour together. After this we will go ahead and creat those beautiful brows!!

6-8 week top up appointment- Once your brows have had enough time to fully heal we will get you back in to redo the whole process again in order to get the best longevity out those brows. The reason we need to come back in for a top up is because when we did the first appointment we were popping the pigment into the skin which was a foreign body. Now when we pop a foreign body into the skin it doesnt recognise it and will want to fight against it. Hence why the healing results arent as good as the second time because it will recognise the pigment the second time round. Once your second appointment is completed I shouldnt need to see you for at least a year for your yearly top up!

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£50 non refundable booking fee

First we will book you in for a consultation where we will discuss your brows and what you are wanting achieve. We will also go over all of the Consultation/ Medical forms. Once this is complete I will give you a patch test to pop on to make sure you have no reaction to the ink or numbing cream.


from £260

8- 12 Month Colour refresh £170
13 - 18 Month Colour refresh £190
18+ Month Colour refresh £210

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Wednedays 9am-8pm

Thursdays 9am-8pm

Fridays 9am-6pm

Saturdays 9am-5pm

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